Hello, and thank you for visiting my page! BlankoCrafts is run by me. I handle every step of the process from the communication to the customer service to the production to the shipping. I work from my apartment in Philadelphia, working full time as a Flight Attendant, while managing this shop. I started making my own Kigurumis in 2014 and haven't looked back since. Apart from work, I am a pilot and fly planes for fun!

Besides crafting Kigurumis, I love making other art and dabble in a little bit of everything. In High School and College I majored in visual arts, so making art has followed through with me. It's been a hugely rewarding process and I can't express enough how appreciative I am of every single one of my customers who believes in my art. Thank you all so much!


Commitment to the Environment
I strive to make my shop as environmentally friendly as possible. Realistically, no one person or one small business can ever reverse or stop the damage that big corp and big oil is doing. However, there are small things that can be done to reduce some impact:
No fabric scraps or thread scraps go into the trash: I recycle every bit of fabric scrap and do different things with it. Usually, I add it into stuffing for pillows or dog beds, and donate them. I also use them for products on my website, such as throw pillows.
Paper used for patterning: Custom made Kigurumis patterns that are not universally reused get shredded and used as crinkle paper type cushions for packaging of products to be shipped.
Shopping Locally, when able: I make every attempt to shopping locally for supplies when able. This is obviously not perfectly figured out, as prices and product availability is a big variable, but if there are materials I can purchase from locally ran and owned businesses, this helps reduce shipping offsets as well as supporting the local community I live in.