Custom Made Kigurumi's

Welcome to the Kigurumi Commission Page! If you are interested in a Kigu, you will find everything you need to know on this exact page.


Please review all the information on this page, and when you're ready, you can fill out a form via this link!

✨ Every BlankoCrafts Kigurumi is made with love, care and warmth✨


Order #___ : Open

Order #___: Open

Custom Kigurumi Commission Information 

What’s included in your package:

  • A sketched out design, we work together on creating a design that will be made perfect for you
  • Progress pictures posted on Social Media.

Base Pricing, with minimum detailed and colors:

Backless: Starting at $400 USD
Short & Sweet: Starting at $450 USD
Classic: Starting at $550 USD

Step 1 - Getting the ideas Going!’

If you want to talk about an idea you have and have questions, Contact me! If you have an idea or want an estimate or were just thinking about getting a Kigurumi made but haven’t decided fully yet, I’m more than happy to answer questions or give you an estimated quote!

If you know exactly what you want and are ready to place a commission request down, please fill out a form. I will reply to you within 5 business days from (Double check your spam folder if you haven't heard back from me.)

Selection Process

I will be operating on a first come first serve basis for the first 2 open slots. Following that, if there is more than 1 inquiry at a time, then I will pick the next commission on a selection basis. Queue updates will be posted on this page.

I prioritize: 


✨Kigurumis I haven't made before

✨Creatively challenging and different designs

Your request will stay stored, so please keep an eye on your notifications as I will reach out to you as soon as I can take on your commission!

Accepted commissions will be responded to within 5 business days.

Keep in mind that your commission will not fully be "accepted" or entered in a commission slot until an invoice is paid. More information on invoicing at the bottom of this page.

Step 2 - The Process

  • Fill out the form! Pick between a Classic, Relaxed Fit, Short and Sweet, or Backless Kigurumi, include all the important details.
  • I will send you a quick Kigurumi design sketch, and a quote when your request can be started on.
  • After agreeing on a design and quote, a Paypal invoice will be sent.
  • Once an invoice is paid, you will be sent a Detailed design, with colors, back and front design, for you to approve. Once it's approved, Kigurumi production will begin, and the estimated time between an approved design and a completed Kigurumi is between 1-2 months.
  • Progress pictures will get posted on Instagram, TikTok or Twitter, unless requested otherwise.
  • Once your Kigurumi is finished, I will send pictures over for your approval. Once approval has been given, your Kigurumi will be shipped over to you!
  • I'm usually good about meeting deadlines but please keep in mind that some delays might happen. If a delay happens, I'll be communicative and provide all information necessary, so please keep an eye on our primary communication method (e-mail, social media messages, etc.)

Step 3 - Shipping

  • I ship via UPS or USPS. Shipping generally takes between 1-2 weeks to ship domestically, and 4-8 weeks internationally.
  • Tracking will be included!
  • Local pickup is available in the USA, Philadelphia, and highly encouraged! :)

Design Change Policy and Cancelation Policy found at the bottom of this page, please review!


Yuumi from League of LegendsClassic Style Pochita from Chainsaw ManClassic Style Wolf Link from Twilight PrincessShort & Sweet Style Pochita from Chainsaw ManShort & Sweet Style Aqua from Original CharacterRelaxed Fit Style Dvalin from Genshin ImpactClassic Style Zoroark from PokemonClassic Style KK Slider from Animal CrossingClassic Style Pink Growlithe from Original CharacterRelaxed Fit Style Arcanine from PokemonClassic Style Raichu from PokemonRelaxed Fit Style Chilli from BlueyClassic Style Hawlucha from PokemonRelaxed Fit Style Bandit from BlueySweater Style Hinaria from DarkendShort & Sweet Style Lunastra from Monster HunterShort & Sweet Style Zinogre from Monster HunterTeostra from Monster HunterClassic Style Captain Falcon from F-Zero


  • I send all invoices via Paypal. 
  • Paying in increments is accepted! The only requirement is that the initial invoice be at least $100 USD.
  • Last payment has to be made before your Kigurumi can be shipped!

Design Changes Policy

If after a quote has been agreed upon, the client wishes to make changes or add details, depending on the nature of these changes then the client is responsible for a Design Change Fee.

Changes include but are not limited to:

  • Addition of embroidery detail.
  • Addition of details not previously covered in a Design Sketch.
  • Major changes to Kigurumi once the product has been completed, including but not limited to change of  a color of a piece, change of shape of a piece, addition of a major detail, redoing a major structural detail on the Kigurumi that changes what the Design Sketch covers, or any changes that require over an hour of extra labor. 
  • Minor changes will not be charged an extra fee if it only requires an hour or less of labor.
  • BlankoCrafts reserves the right to determine if an extra fee needs to be charged. Fee amount is based on time of labor, and available materials.

Some examples:

  • Client wishes that the color of the pockets change from Brown to Blue. The change is minimal, labor will take approximately 30 minutes and the materials are already in house. The client will not be charged.
  • Client wishes to add an embroidery patch detail on the Kigurumi. Extra detail will require about 2-3 hours of additional labor, and extra materials, therefore change fees will be applied.
  • After Kigurumi is completed, the client wishes to change the core structure of Kigurumi because they decided against a Classic silhouette, as previously agreed upon, to a Relaxed Fit silhouette. Changes will result in at least 5 hours of extra labor and complete re-patterning re-cutting and re-sewing of Kigurumi, therefore change fees will be applied.

Cancelation Policy

In the event that the client wishes to cancel order, Blanko Crafts will refund as follows:

  • If no supplies have been ordered and production has not been started, a full refund will be made.
  • If supplies have been ordered but no production has started, then a full refund will be made MINUS the cost of supplies. 
  • If supplies have been ordered and production has started, then BlankoCrafts will make a partial refund that is dependent on the completion of the PartyKigu(s) and subject to labor fees.